Frequently Asked


Does the Tablet have to turn ON every time the vehicle is turned ON?

Yes. When the tablets receive power they will always turn ON. A couple solutions to remedy this would be to use the provided tablet security covers when the kit is not being used or set the tablets sleep setting to a lower sleep time. To do this Go to Apps > Settings > Display > Sleep. Then choose the time you would like your tablets to stay ON for before they go to sleep.

Why does my tablet not go to sleep while its docked in the headrest?

There is a default setting on the tablet that does not allow the tablet to go to sleep while it’s receiving a charge. To adjust this simply
Go to Apps, swipe to second page of apps, open SmartLogic Automotive settings and tap Key Power Function to uncheck the setting.

When I try to use a micro SD card on the Tablet it will recognize it but I cant see any of my content?

The tablet accepts up to a 128GB SD card. If you are using anything larger than a 128GB SD card you will experience this issue.

What size USB drive/ Hard drive can be used?

The USB port can allow up to 1T Maximum.

When I pull the Tablets out of the Headrest they feel hot?

While docked in the headrest, the tablets will get warm. This is completely normal. If you are worried that the heat may be an issue we recommend that you use the provided Tablet carrying cases whenever you remove the Tablets from the Vehicles headrest

When I pull my Tablets out of the headrest they immediately go dead?

You will need to check your battery percentage. While the tablets are in the headrests, they will always turn on and play even if the batteries are dead. If you plan on using the Tablets only while they are in the headrests, then you don’t need to pay attention to the batteries. If you do plan to use the tablets outside of the headrests then you will need to remember to remove them from the vehicle and charge them regularly with the provided wall charger that is given with the headrest kit.

My tablets are slow during boot up and sometimes they boot twice?

This is due to a dead battery. The system will always power ON and work in the vehicle. If the Tablets are completely dead the boot up time will extend and may even boot twice.

Why do I get lines on the screen while trying to share screens and how do I remove them?

This is due to double source sharing. When trying to share a movie make sure that you are only sourcing one side. If you source both sides at the same time the lines will appear. To change back to normal, unsource one side or tap the home button. NOTE: This applys to the Phoenix 7 and previous models only. If you have the Phoenix 7N, this will not occur.

How do I pair my Phoenix ONE/ MINI Bluetooth game controller?

Click here for the Phoenix gaming controllers owners manual.

What can I use to clean my tablet screen?

Any cloth or wet/dry wipes will clean your tablet screen.

How do I perform a Factory Reset on my Tablet?

Click apps > click settings icon > click Back Up & Reset > Factory Data Reset > follow instructions and reset tablet to default. NOTE: All data will be wiped from device. Be sure to back up any files, photos, etc. that you want to keep. This may take several minutes and will drain battery life, so be sure to have above 75% battery life or plug into the charger. Once complete sign into your Google account and restore your previously downloaded apps.

Why doesn't my tablet power on?

The tablet needs to be charged with the wall charger for a couple of hours to receive a consistant charge. Hold down the power button for a couple of seconds then release.


When I open SmartDVD It displays a screen about the car accessory power and USB/DVD being Offline.

This is most likely caused by two reasons:

  1. The tablet is not docked and is not making a complete connection in the cradle.
  2. You are not receiving power up to the headrest. Reach out to the dealer that performed your installation for troubleshooting.

When I load a DVD and open the SmartDVD app, it displays "Loading" and never actually plays the DVD?

This can be caused by:

  1. A damaged or scratched Disc or
  2. A burned Disc. Not all burned Discs are supported.

When I am using SmartDVD, it sometimes shuts down or stops playing and displays "No Disc"?

This is caused by a scratched or damaged disc. This can also be caused if the disc is inserted backwards. Note: The DVD label should be facing you when loading disc.

Can I make the tablets automatically open the SmartDVD app when they turn ON?

Yes. Go to Apps > open Smartlogic Automotive settings > Set Android App Auto to ON. Note : Smartlogic Auto Icon is represented as a little Android in a car

The audio is distorted when playing my DVD?

You will need to turn down the Loudness Boost setting. To do this Go to SmartDVD > open the Three Dots in the right-hand corner > open Preferences > open Loudness Boost. Make sure the dB is on the lowest selection.

Why doesn't my DVD eject?

There is a possibility there could be two discs stuck inside. Take it into a shop to get them removed. The disc may have been inserted backwards as well. A situation like this would also requre a visit to the shop for removal.
Trouble shooting steps to try and eject DVD:
1. Try switching tablets and ejecting manually. 2. Go to Apps then swipe to the left to the second page of Apps and choose Settings. Once in Settings, select Apps and swipe to the left to choose ALL Apps. Once in All apps, scroll all the way down and select Smart DVD App. Once in Smart DVD App, select Force Stop and Clear Data.


Where is my FM Transmitter located?

The FM Transmitter is located on the apps page. It will be represented as a Vizualogic logo. Go to Apps > open FM Transmitter app > power ON, and match the station on the Tablet to your FM radio. Make sure to only have one powered on at a time to prevent interference.

Why can’t I get my FM transmitter to connect?

1. Make sure the station that you’re on has static and no clear sound coming through
2. Try multiple stations to find the best connection
3. Make sure the Bluetooth on the tablet is turned OFF
4. Make sure the FM transmitter on the other tablet is turned OFF
5. Make sure that the vehicle is outside
NOTE: Stations will need to be adjusted as you travel with the vehicle in order to maintain connection

How do I turn on the Tablets Bluetooth?

Go to apps > open Settings > open Bluetooth > turn ON > search for your device. Settings is represented as a gear icon.

Why do I have no sound coming out of the wired or wireless headphones when a movie is playing?

Check to make sure that the tablet volume setting is turned up, specifically the media volume. The volume adjustments are located at the bottom of your home bar. If that does not change anything, check to make sure the Bluetooth is turned OFF when trying to use wireless IR or wired headphones.

What are the different ways I can play the systems audio through the vehicles speakers?

There are three different ways to connect to the Audio system to your vehicle:

  1. Wireless FM Transmitter located in the apps page.
  2. Wired connection through a 3.5 AUX cable. Note: This connection can only be made if the vehicle is equipped with an AUX input.
  3. The vehicles Bluetooth. This will only work if the vehicle is equipped with the ability to accept Bluetooth Audio.

When I have my Audio connected through the Bluetooth on my Radio there seems to be a slight Lag in the Audio compared to the Video?

Due to the fact that Bluetooth is a send and receive signal, this can happen. The amount of lag you receive is due to what kind of Bluetooth chip was used in your vehicle. Some vehicles will be faster than others. This is not just an issue with the Phoenix System. You can connect your phone to your radio as well and try to watch a video on YouTube. You will notice the same lag is present.

When I share the video from one side to the other, I get very low, distorted audio on the slave monitor that is viewing the other sides content?


  1. Check to see if there are any updates. Must be connected to the WiFi.
  2. Try undocking and redocking the tablet in the carrier.
If that doesnt work, please contact Customer service.

Why do I hear static through my headphones?

The static that is coming through the headphones should never be overpowering the movie or any sound. There will be static when there is silence in a movie or when movie is loading up due to the fact that the headphones are wireless IR and are connected with IR frequencies.


How do I turn on Wi-Fi on the Tablets?

Go to apps > open settings > open Wi-Fi > turn ON and search for your device. Settings is represented a a gear icon

Why doesn't my tablet connect to the Wi-Fi when I keep typing in the password?

Make sure that you are with in the Wi-Fi signal zone that you are trying to connect to. Also, make sure that when you are typing your password that you are using capital and lowercase letters accurately.

Why is the Wi-Fi connection in my vehicle slower than in my house?

This has nothing to do with the tablet. The issue you are running into is due to the fact that vehicles use a wireless cellular based Wi-Fi connection. Some are still on 3G while your cell phone is on 4G LTE. Check with your service provider to confirm your in vehicle internet speed.

I turned ON the Wi-Fi on my tablet but why am I still not able to connect to the internet?

The tablets are able to connect to a Wi-Fi source. They do not have the ability to work online without connecting to an external Wi-Fi source.

Can I tether my cell phone and use it as a Hotspot?

Yes, but only if your phone comes equipped with this feature. (Both Android and Apple work)

If my Vehicle did not come with Wi-Fi access is there a way I can get it for my Phoenix System?

Yes. There are now many different Wi-Fi adapters that you can purchase through your cellphone service provider that will allow you access to in vehicle Wi-Fi. There is a minimal monthly charge associated with these pieces but most are plug and play and have no need for any installation.