​​​Founded in 1982, the four Tuccinardi brothers began TMI Products, Inc. making Volkswagen door panels in their parent’s garage in Torrance, CA. With 35+ years of experience in the automotive interior industry, we at TMI Products, Inc. hope to share our rich history of innovative, quality products with our consumers, while preserving family values in the way we do business. 

The Vizualogic brand is one of the most recent developments of TMI Products, Inc. Created in the early 2000s; Vizualogic is a prime example of TMI’s mastery of fast-to-market niche programs. By combining TMI’s expertise of automotive interiors and the four brothers entrepreneurial spirit, Vizualogic became one of the most widely recognized brands in the business, and the only one to offer their unique Perfect Match™ system.

About Us

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Over the years Vizualogic has continued to deliver quality products featuring exciting new technology. In 2012, Vizualogic transformed Rear Seat Entertainment by bringing Android tablets to the back seat, integrating them directly into the headrest. We are excited to offer our Phoenix Perfect Match™ Headrest Replacement System as the complete solution to the plain old DVD systems of the past.

Although much has changed over the years, TMI Products, Inc., the Vizualogic brand, as well as the four brothers, are still committed to the same level of craftsmanship established 35+ years ago. We are a proud family of competent individuals who imagine and build excellent products determined to enhance the vehicle owner’s experience.


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