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TMI Products, Inc. is an Authorized Vizualogic Brand Distributor. A family-owned company founded in a 1982, when the Tuccinardi brothers began making Volkswagen door panels in their family garage in Torrance, California.

TMI Products sells the highest-value Rear Seat Infotainment  automotive components in the industry. like seating, interior consoles, floor coverings, door panels, convertible roof assemblies, headliners and integrated electronic systems.

TMI has mastered fast-to-market niche programs. From prototype to production, TMI's streamlined process integrate emerging technologies for volume or short run projects.

TMI's quick response to emerging market opportunities provides the industry with innovative high demand products, And TMI's attentive product refreshment plans for mid-cycle changes enable TMI's partners to offer hot, profitable products

TMI is committed to craftsmanship of innovatively designed, integrated automotive products.

We are competent, caring individuals who dream and build excellent products to enrich the vehicle owner's experience.

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